Six months ago with Microsoft Office 2016: State of play

Stability and performance

Compared to 2007 and Office 2010 versions that have the tendency to crash regularly, this version is more stable. However we met some unannounced closures, especially on Word 2016, office 2016 product key, but the application is is every time restarted automatically by proposing a complete recovery of the current document. Ditto when the computer has made his own by posting a nice tricked out blue screen of the message “your computer has a problem and must restart…”; We were then able to find the files properly saved when closing.
Ideally of course that the software suite plant at all, but at least now we can recover our documents safely, without having to get your hands dirty as on previous versions. However, the opening of documents created with older versions of Office continues to sometimes generate errors, especially with Excel.

At the level of performance, we have seen an evolution of synchronization of documents in the cloud via the OneDrive service management. It is now in a completely transparent manner and with lower latency, including with an ADSL connection. Same goes for the add-in management (third-party software: PDF, Spellers, translators…) that causes more problems as in the past repeatedly. A message tells you when an add-in is not compatible with this edition, or when he asks problem. Necessary optimizations that improve the overall user experience.

Six months ago with Microsoft Office 2016 State of play
Microsoft makes share beautiful collaborative work with Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote to simplified via OneDrive document sharing tools.
Each of these applications integrates a ‘ share’ button located at the top right of the Ribbon and allows to save documents online and share them with remote people indicating their e-mail addresses. It is possible to manage the access (read and write) permissions, view and edit in real time the changes made by the other, or even view history files.

Note that activate, to save a Microsoft e-mail account identifiers (Hotmail, Outlook, Live…) which includes a free space of 5 GB on OneDrive. All the files saved in the cloud are then accessible from any device (laptop, smartphone, Tablet,…) via OneDrive. Tools they need to work in a group, office 2016 product key generator, that Google offers for 10 years on his office suite free Google Docs competitor…

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Smart search: integrated web functions
This feature brings more to the suite, be it in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or Outlook. Accessible through the context menu, the ‘smart search’ offers the possibility to search for additional information on the Internet, without having to leave the software used. Imagine that a student prepares a presentation on Picasso, simply right click on the name of the artist and to launch the research being done at the same time on Wikipedia and Bing without leaving the application. All of the information will be shown in a sidebar.

This function allows to perform searches on names, but also on any terms, including in foreign languages. In this case, it gives access to their definition, synonyms or translation from different sources on the Web. Although practical and useful, this feature may be a little late, microsoft office 2016 product key full version, ┬ábecause we don’t necessarily think to use it. Habits have the hard life and indeed tends to do his research directly into a browser.

Import images and videos online
The functions “Images online” and “Online Video” have nothing revolutionary, but they allow to save time. Whether to enrich an Outlook message, a PowerPoint presentation or Excel table, for example, simply select ‘ Insert/Images online’ in the Ribbon to add images from Bing, or stored on a OneDrive, Flickr or Facebook account.

In the same way, it is possible to search and embed videos from Bing, YouTube or other websites by clicking on “Insert/Video online”. Integration rather successful and simple to use.